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How to Take Care of Colour-Treated Hair

The fashion industry constantly showcases funky and wild hair colors in the runway that we sometimes can’t help but follow these trends. Coloring your hair is fun – it gives an additional “oomph” to your overall look and highlights a little bit of your personality. Did you know that once your hair is color-treated, your hair care routine should change? If your dye job won’t be taken care of properly, your hair color will either fade ahead of time or you’ll have a serious case of hair damage. Continue reading this post to learn more about how to take care of color-treated hair.



Alan Coban Resident Hairstylist, @celdemxoxo


1.) Make it a habit to cut the ends of your color-treated hair at least once a month here at Alan Coban Salon. This will prevent your hair from developing split ends.

2.) Your color-treated hair will look limp and dry if you wash it with hot water. To keep your hair color intact and solid, always wash your hair with cold water.

3.) Use shampoos and conditioners that are especially made for color treated hair. Also, try to lessen the number of times you wash your hair in a week. Shampoo your hair at least every other day instead of everyday to avoid drying out your hair and scalp. Also, use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

4.) Stay away from styling tools as much as possible. Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal hair products will definitely make your color-treated hair very dry even if you use heat protectant sprays. Just let your hair dry naturally or use standard curlers.

Best Julianne Hough Bob Moments on Instagram

You have got to admit, actress and dance pro Julianne Hough is quickly becoming one of the most influential hair trend setters in Tinseltown. After jumping from one hair style to another, she kind of settled to sporting short hairstyles this year. She has been sporting a variety of beautiful and Instagram-worthy short hairstyles these past few months that it’s kind of safe to say that she’s definitely on the running towards becoming American’s Bob Princess. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite Instagram bob moments from Jules:


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The Beauty of Baby Fringe










When Beyonce sported baby fringe late last year, critics gave it mixed reviews. After some time, it somehow grew on everybody! Check out this gallery featuring some of the best baby fringes on Pinterest. You might like this hairstyle for yourself too.




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Lucy Hale Went Even Shorter

Lucy Hale’s hair just keeps on getting shorter and shorter. The Pretty Little Liars’ star got a shoulder lenght bob a couple of weeks back but it looks like she’s loving her short hair so much that she had her bob retouched by going a couple of inches shorter. That’s right, she’s now sporting a chin-length bob.


Children Mending Heart's 7th Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser


We won’t be surpirsed anymore should she decide to go pixie. We’re pretty sure any hairstyle will look dreamy on her!

Bronde Hair Inspirations

Bronde is the new blonde or brunette? Well, it’s actually kind of both. Bronde is actually a hair colour that duses blond and brown hues together. This hair colour has always been around but it was Blake Lively who made it an instant trend. Check it out:




If you’re thinking about getting one, it’s best that you collect photos of various bronde hues online and share it with one of our hair colourists — there are so many bronde shades out there and it’s important that a pro will be able to envision that exact shade that you want for optimal results. Here are some of the bronde inspirations you can show our hair colourists on your next visit.


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Modern Faux Mohawk

The original, shaved version of mowhawk is beautidul but it can be intimidating for many. It’s not exactly the most school or work appropriate hairstyle in the world but it’s a good thing that we can still enjoy its aesthetic value “temporarily” for special occasions and events. How is that possible you ask? Check out these faux mohawk inspirations that our hair stylists can recreate for you. These intricate, chic and edgy mohawk styles will definitely make heads turn wherever you go. Set an appointment with us today.




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The Dirty Blonde Hair










If there’s a specific blonde shade we would recommend to modern, active and on-the-go women, it will be the “dirty blonde” hair colour. For starters, this blonde hue almost always go with everything – outfit, jewelry, hair accessories and more. It’s also one of those hair colours that look incredibly beautiful with messy buns, center parts, tousled waves and other low-key, effortless hairstyles.


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