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Here’s Why You Should Never (Ever) Dye Your Hair at Home

Most box dyes provide permanent hair colouring and if you decide to alter the colour with a certified colourist, you might be advised to grow it all out first before a new layer of colour can be applied to your hair. It is difficult to calculate what will happen if salon customized hair colour will be put on top of the box dyed hair. But one thing is for sure – it could wreak havoc on your hair.

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Kendall Jenner’s Blonde Hair Journey

From Kim to Kylie, the Kardashian royalties have all sported the whole #blondehairdontcare thing. Believe it or not, model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner is yet to lighten up her long locks and she did just that as seen on her Instagram page. Have a look:




Sure, we can all see that this is just a wig but come to think of it, she might as well go to the lighter side. It’s going to be a very different look from what we’re used to but it will definitely look beautiful on her…



Jennifer Hudson is slaying it with a #TWA

Yes, that’s right! Looks like Jennifer Hudson is beginning to take a #naturalhairjourney by posting a photo of her #TWA or teeny weeny afro on Instagram for her followers to see.




The Golden Globe and Oscar winning actress captioned the pic: “All black every thang! Who needs hair, when u serving face!”

What do you think of this new look? Will you sport a mega short hair, too?

Hairstyle Inspiration Guide

One of the biggest hair obstacles that both men and women obsess about is that long and winding search for the perfect hairstyle that will enhance your overall appearance and will simply make us feel good about ourselves. Our hair is not called the “crowning glory” for nothing. A hairstyle can make or break your whole look so it’s important that you choose a particular style that will highlight your best features (and detract from the undesirable ones).

So, are you getting bored with your current hairstyle? Have you been combing through a lot of hair looks and hair trends lately that you end up confusing yourself even more? If your answer to these questions is “YES,” then prepare to have a look at our list of the best hairstyle websites to draw inspiration from. These hairstyle websites will help you find specific styles to talk ideas with your hair stylist for your upcoming haircut appointment.




Inspired Hairstyles 
Inspired Hairstyles offers a minefield of information and creative concepts to aid its users in finding their ideal hairstyles. What makes this hairstyle website different is their diverse selection of hairstyles inspired by what’s trending in the celebrity hair community. They have a special navigation menu in their website wherein you can get extra creative by browsing through hair photos of various celebrities that matches the shape of your face and hair textures to help you mash up great hair ideas of your own.

The Hair Styler
Perhaps, The Hair Styler is one of the most interactive and most thorough hairstyle website out there. What makes this cutting-edge hairstyle website special is the way they allow its members upload their photos facing straight ahead and get the chance to try realistic virtual hairstyling using thousands of hairstyles of different lengths and colors. If the member doesn’t know where to start, he or she can take the website’s “Hair Consultations” feature wherein the recommended hairstyles will be determined by answering a simple questionnaire that will detail your personal preferences and physical features like your face shape, age, current hair length, skin tone and hair texture.

Another interactive hairstyle website that we adore is Taaz. This hairstyle website also allows its users to upload their photos in order to try on top celebrity and runway hair styles. More than an online source of the hottest hair styles today, Taaz also provides a total makeover to its members by incorporating specific makeup looks to go with the recommended hairstyles. They also provide tips and tricks, how-to articles on hair care and hair styling.

Kendall Jenner goes completely GOTH

This photo of Kendall Jenner is creating a lot of buzz on Twitter and Instagram and we can definitely see why…. Take a look:




Long black hair, blunt fringe, graphic brows, sculpted cheeks and black lips — we never thought that a Goth look would look amazing on the 19-year-old supermodel. We suspect it’s from a high profile fashion campaign for Fall. We’ll keep you posted once we get more information.

The blunt fringe is the real winner here, IOHO.

Wild Hair Colour Gallery

These Hollywood A-listers are going wild and edgy when it comes to experimenting with hair colours! Here are some of the best wild hair colours on celebrities we’ve seen these past couple of months. You may want to draw inspiration from them:


Julianne Hough



Rita Ora



Britney Spears



Gigi Hadid



Cara Delevigne



Iggy Azalea



Kylie Jenner


The Best Celebrity Fringes In Recent Memory

The fringe trend is huge and there’s no sign of it going away anytime soon. Here are some of the best fringe styles to inspire you:


Chrissy Teigen’s blunt fringe



Eva Longoria’s brow-skimming fringe brow-skimming fringe.



Reese Witherspoon’s signature wispy fringe



Lauren Conrad’s face framing fringe



Alexa Chung’s Jean Shrimpton-inspired fringe



Quuen Bey’s Bettie Page-inspired fringe




Alan Coban’s Balayage Creations

Without a doubt, balayage is one of the biggest hair trends of the year. Here at Alan Coban Salon, we are constantly being asked for a balayage quote which only proves that this hair colouring style is not going away.

For the curious minds, the word balayage is a French word which means “to sweep or to paint.” The balayage hair colouring technique requires a free hand to paint the hair colour on to the hair (minus the foils) to allow a soft natural hair look. When created correctly, a balayage will instantly light up your features and give you that youthful look. It’s beautiful and also low maintenance – what more can you ask for? Check out the balayage creations of our experienced hairstylists and let us know in the comments which one piques your interest.

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