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Kim Kardashian is brunette AGAIN


A few weeks after Kim Kardashian went for a full platinum makeuover, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians suddenly went au naturel once again. We’re talking about KimK going back to the darket side!


We can’t be sure what really caused the sudden change. We’re guessing that it’s either the upkeep was too much or she just realized that going back to her brunette roots was more flattering.



Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know


1.) Did you know that our hair grows about half-inch per month? So if you have coloured your hair, your real hair color will most likely become apparent after 3 to 4 weeks. If you need a root touch-up but haven’t really gotten around to getting one, you can try this trick. Start teasing your hair and create a messy side part which will camouflage the overgrowth.
2.) Washing your hair everyday just to get rid of the oil from your strands is something that we don’t recommend. It may eliminate oil right away but it will also lead your oil glands will go on an over-drive. The front pieces of the hair usually get greasy that the rest of the hair sections. You can gently wash the front section in the sink. Another way of eliminating excess oil from your hair is to apply baby powder to your roots. If you have dark hair, the powder will leave a noticeable white cast right after application. Try sprinkling baby powder at night – the white residue will definitely soak up the excess oil and will fade by morning.
3.) If you wash your hair in the morning and you simply don’t have enough time to style or event blow dry your hair, simply gather your hair into a loose low bun twist. Once the hair is dry, let go of your twist and sepraten the tendrils with your fingers to instantly have effortless waves.

Surprising Uses of Dry Shampoo


We usually use dry shampoos for two reasons: to freshen up 2nd day hair and to boost hair volume. Read this article and get ready to be surprised by the amazing versatility of your favorite hair-saver.
1.) Spray starch-based dry shampoo all over your hair right after you curl it. It will coat your hair strands leaving it matte and dry so your curls won’t intertwine with each other.
2.) It works as a gentle hairspray especially for creating updos. It makes the hair stay put when you backcomb it. It hold the hair in place without the hard texture that hair sprays leave behind.
3.) Creating updos require bobby pins just about anywhere to perfect the look. Bobby pins have the tendency to slip out the hair and this is where the dry shampoo becomes very useful. They add certain texture to the hair that provides bobbypins that necessary grip to stay in place.