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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Voluminous & Wavy Hair In The Morning

Don’t have time to style your hair in the morning? This simple trick should do wonders for you.


Before retiring to bed, gtaher your hair into a ponytail towards the top of your head and wrap it in a twist. Remove the hair band in the morning and say hello to voluminous and wavy hair, instantly. Simply finger comb and you’re ready to go. Spritz on some dry shampoo to add more lift. Spritz on some hairspray as well to hold the style in place. In case you get an indentation somewhere, fix it with a spritz of water.

If you want to achieve defined curls, you may choose to sleep on braids instead. Create multiple braids if you want smaller and tighter curls.

The Appeal of The Bob

Bob is the unofficial haircut of the year. From Christina Hendricks to Katherine HeiglĀ to Katie HolmesĀ (we can go on and on with a looooonnng list), there’s no stopping this classic and chic hairstyle from taking the backseat. It’s the hottest hairstyle of the moment.





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It’s very easy to appreciate a beautiful bob style because it provides an instant lift to your visage. It also directs the onlookers to your jawline and neck while veering away from the effects of gravity around the eye area. Cheekbones appear to be lifted as well. Overall, a simple bob cut emanates a youthful vibe making it a good hairstyle choice across all age groups. Bob Maintenance: It is important to retain the polished reputation of the bob (unless you want to go wash-and-done like Alexa Chung). To keep your bob well kept, apply a smoothing cream on each section of the hair and blow dry it with a round brush.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Hair Cut

Getting a haircut that suits your lifestyle and personality is like finding the perfect shade of red lipstick – it will boost your confidence to greater heights and will make you feel as if you can take on the world.






Sure, you can easily walk into the first salon you see downtown and ask for a haircut but before you do that, there are a few things you need to consider before you actually get one. It’s a big decision and ending up with a haircut you don’t really like can hurt – or worse, give you a meltdown.
1.) Look for hair inspirations online (like Pinterest or Instagram) that are similar to your hair texture. If you have natural curls that are a bit tight, it’s going to be difficult to achieve the undone French messy waves of Lea Seydoux. If you have fine hair, it will take a lot of work to make it look like Giselle Bundchen’s signature beachy waves. Setting realistic hair expectations is important to avoid disappointment.


2.) Ask yourself if you really want a haircut. If you have long hair, chances are you’re contemplating a bob ala Rashida Jones or Brooklyn Decker. It’s perfectly fine because it’s the “IT” haircut of the moment. However, once you take off 10 to 15 inches of hair to achieve this ‘do, there’s no way you can glue it back. The key is to think about it first before taking the “short” plunge.
3.) Go to a trusted hairstylist. He or she knows your hair best and will suggest hairstyles that will compliment your personal style, shape of the face and more.

What You Need To Know About Hair Loss

If you find some hair on your pillow, comb, shower drain and clothes, don’t freak out. It’s quite inevitable to panic if you think that you are significantly losing more hair than the usual. Read the facts about hair shedding to find out if there’s anything that you really need to worry about.





According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal to shed around 100 hairs in a day. This condition is called telogen effluvium. 90% of your hair goes through the growing phase while the remaining 10% are in the retiring phase which means they will fall off your head to make way for new hair growth.

Shedding hair is normal to a certain extent. Let’s just say you have 100,000 hairs and you lose 100 strands in one day, that’s basically 0.1% vis-a-vis 10% which is considered normal.

If you’re worried about excessive hair loss, start reevaluating your hair care routine and your diet to prevent hair shedding. If you think the condition is still persisting, consult a doctor.

Part 2: Hair Habits That Cause Damage


1.) Using towel to blot hair. Towels have all sorts of textures that will grab on your strands causing it to either break or split. Leave the towels to dry your bodies and switch to microfiber towels that are gentle on the hair. Alternatively, you can also use a t-shirt or a paper towel (they are less abrasive than regular towels).
2. Tight braids. Braids provide understated elegance and beauty to any look but doing it tightly while the hair is wet will pull the hair from the scalp too much. Our advice is to create loose braids instead. If you really want to have tight braids, make sure you do it on dry hair to avoid breakage – and sure you don’t do it very often.
3. Gathering hair into a bun, ponytail and updo on a regular basis. This will create a strain at your hair roots so it’s important to let your hair down free in order for it to relax a little bit.
4. Inappropriate use of hair dryer. When using hair dryers, try not to get it too close or it’ll burn your hair. Put it at least 5 inches away from the hair specially if your doesn’t have a nozzle.

The Best hair Looks at BAFTA Awards 2015

Here are the best hair looks from Britain’s biggest cinema event of the year.



Reese Witherspoon’s breezy, tousled blonde locks




Lea Sedoux’s old Hollywood retro set waves





Amy Adam’s minimalist straight hair





Alma Jodorowsky’s sleek side-parted waves





Julianne Moore’s glamorous curls

The Best Hairstyles at the Grammy Awards 2015

It’s not just about the artists or the music they make, it’s about the hair too! We’ve rounded up our favorite hair looks from one of the most prestigious music award ceremonies in the world to inspire your next hairstyle for that upcoming special event.
Kim Kardashian’s tousled chic bob





Gwen Stefani’s high-rise quiff





Iggy Azalea’s halo braid





Queen Bey’s mermaid waves





Lady Gaga’s platinum blonde hair




Wearable Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Gone are the days when slicked-back hairstyles are exclusive to runways. We’re seeing more and more women pulling off this look at a night out of town or just about anywhere. It may look too geometrical but it’s actually pretty wearable in real life.






This style appears to be severely slick on the runway and the secret to taming down the graphic and sharp quality of this hairstyle is a light hand and less styling product.

Start with a damp hair. Apply mouse and blow dry hair flat to your head. Apply extra mouse on both side of the head (above the ear) and blow dry it again with a flat brush. Get a round brush and blow dry the top section of the hair to create volume – this will soften the sharpness of the look. Sprits on some hair spray to keep the style in place.