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Why You Need A Receptive Wedding Hairstylist?

The wedding hairstylist should encourage you to bring photos from magazines or the internet showing which hairstyles are piquing your interest. While the ideal wedding hairstylist should take charge when it comes to deciding how you should wear your hair, she should still be receptive to what the bride envisions. The wedding hairstylist’s expertise should allow her to take the bride’s ideas and incorporate them with her own to create the most memorable wedding hairstyle the bride could ever imagine.



The Best Fringe For Your Face Shape: Square

The angular jawline of Gemma Arterton and Angelina Jolie give their square visages a very fierce, strong yet sexy appeal. The purpose of wearing bangs for this particular face shape is to soften the edges a little a bit. The best bangs style for square faces are the full and blunt ones. It can diminish the sharpness of the jawline if the length will settle between the brows and eyes. The chop should also stay put right at the corner of the eyes to draw the attention at the eyes, nose and lips and away from the sides of face. This will provide a vertically elongated effect.


gemma-arterton-bangs angelina-jolie-bangs-tousled-bangs

Hair Trend: Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are simply one of the most basic hair tools in the beauty industry. They are practically used as hair fasteners designed to keep the hair (or some sections of it) in place.


Did you know that bobby pins are more than just hair tools? This season, bobby pins are quickly transitioning into hair accessories. Bobby pins no longer come in plain, black colors. In fact, they now come in an endless range of colors, textures and designs for aesthetic purposes.


pins-emma-watson pins-kate-marapins-kirsten-dunst pins-katherine-mcphee  pins-diane-kruger

The Kardashian Sisters Are Launching Hair Tools!

The Kardashian sisters are known for their ever-glamorous hair (volume, curls, balayage, ombre…. you name it!). They have always been a subject of a major hair envy just about anywhere. If you keep up with their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you should know by now that they are giving their fans and hair enthusiasts the chance to steal their gorgeous hair looks with the upcoming launch of a new hair styling tool line from Kardashian Beauty.




Kim, Kourtney and Khloe teamed up with Farouk Systems (the minds behind the Chi brand) to create their very own collection of hair styling tools. The collection will feature a blow dryer, flat iron and a hybrid straightener and curling iron. Their new hair range will also feature some styling products and hair accessories. Tentative launch date: Spring 2015.

How to Tease Your Hair Like a Pro Using a Toothbrush

If you wish to have fuller hair, teasing it with a long tail comb will do the trick. However, if you’re afraid that you might end up achieving a bird’s nest instead of a dreamy volume, ditch the comb and pick up a soft toothbrush.



Start by blow drying your hair from the roots with your fingertips. Once the hair dries, provide your hair with some extra lift by back-combing their undersides with a dry toothbrush. This method will not tear up the hair the way a comb can (if you don’t know what you’re doing). The soft bristles of the brush will somehow rough up the strands and give it a lasting height.

Wash Hair Prior To Coloring

Here’s a hair myth that we’re sure many of us have come to believe: unwashed hair takes hair colorants better than clean strands. The truth is, top hair colorists need their client’s hair to be washed and totally clean before applying color to them. Dirt, hair styling products and other environmental impurities from unwashed hair may conceal its true color, making it difficult to determine the right hue for you. Our advice, wash your hair thoroughly before stepping into the salon.



Clarify Hair with RedKen Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo

Is your hair misbehaving into a frizzy mess lately? Can’t seem to find a solution (serums, moisturizers…) to tame it? Perhaps you need to give your hair a rest from all your hair treatment and styling products for a while and go back to the basics.



We’re talking about clarifying hair. Just like you need to exfoliate your skin to get rid of impurities, your need to get rid of all product build up on the scalp and hair to promote optimum health. We recommend including the RedKen Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo to your hair care routine in order to remove hard water minerals and hair product build up for all hair types. It is infused with fruit acids that purifies, refreshes and adds shine to the hair.

Tori Spelling’s DIY Hairstyle

Look who’s got a new, DIY haircut…




Tori Spelling!

The stunning star of the cult classic television series Beverly Hills 90210 unpredictably changed her coif this week. What’s more surprising is that instead of going to the salon, she did it all by herself. Tori took a smizing selfie showing off her hairstyling skills and posted it on instagram today with the caption: Here’s my new hair cut.I chopped it all off myself last nite at midnite. #FutureHairStylist #ShortHairDontCare #MultitaskingMama

We all know that Tori is a celebrity of many talents (acting, writing etc.) but it never occurred to us that DIY hair was one of them. We must admit she did a pretty awesome job here – very impressive to say the least!