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Why You Should Never Use DIY Home Colours: The Switch

Most box dyes provide permanent hair colouring and if you decide to alter the colour with a certified colourist, you might be advised to grow it all out first before a new layer of colour can be applied to your hair. It is difficult to calculate what will happen if salon customized hair colour will be put on top of the box dyed hair. But one thing is for sure – it could wreak havoc on your hair.

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Why You Should Never Use DIY Home Colours: Ammonia

Sad to say, most box dyes have intolerable levels of ammonia that blatantly destroys the hair cuticles leading to severe chemical damage. At home hair colouring kits harm the hair’s tyrosine levels resulting to loss of the hair’s natural pigments which will make the natural colour of your hair fade over time.

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Why You Should Never Use DIY Home Colours: Colour Processing Challenges

Different brands of box dyes have different colour development time. If it says in the label that the colour will develop in an hour and you happen to have coarse and thick hair, the chances that the colour won’t fully develop are quite high because hair of the said texture is difficult to penetrate. Hair colour experts can mix a specific amount of appropriate colour and higher concentration of developer to open the hair cuticles for proper colour adhesion.


The Best Fringe For Your Face Shape: Oval

Have you noticed how often Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez and Kim Kardashian change their bangs style? Let’s just say that ladies with oval visages get all the fringe fun. They can sport full bangs, blunt bangs, side swept bangs, mid swept bangs, straight cut – name it! Oval faces can rock any style of fringe they want because all of them look almost always flattering all the time. If in case the face is a little too oblong, a wide bangs will horizontally widen the eye and cheek areas.

oval 1 oval 2 oval 3

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Moroccanoil

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has recently been named as the new face of Moroccanoil‘s latest hair campaign and we can definitely see why. The gorgeous supermodel’s floating, luscious layers have always been subjected to a huge hair envy for years and for her to score a hair product endorsement… well, that has been a long time coming.




According to Moroccanoil, we’ll be seeing Rosie’s print ad across all publications come September. She will also be featured in a series of promotional video campaigns showing Rosie with five other influential women who will talk about their beauty inspirations.

How Rita Ora Wears Perfume in Her Hair


Rita Ora is a huge hair influencer! Whether she’s sporting an edgy Mohawk, rainbow ponytail or this ridiculously gorgeous piece-y bob, she’s definitely on top of the hair trend game.


During the launch of DKNY’s latest fragrance offering, MYNY perfume, she made sure that her hair would play a significant role in the event. The British pop star emphasized that she always makes sure that she wears a fragrance on stage as a good luck charm for a successful performance. Her perfume spritzing technique is nothing out of ordinary. “I do the whole head, as well as my neck and hands,” she told “Then I wave my hair all around. I know people don’t smell it, but it makes me feel better.”






If you want to try putting fragrance on your hair, make sure you spritz it on ever so lightly. Too much perfume can dry out the hair due to its alcohol content. Conditioning the hair prior to fragrance application will also help in creating a protective barrier on each hair strand.


Lena Dunham’s New Platinum Bowl Cut

Right after the conclusion of the fourth season of the hit HBO series, Girls, Lena Dunham took a snap of her new platinum bowl cut on Instagram.




Many celebrities have been pulling off major fake-outs on Instagram leading us to believe that they really made some drastic changes on their hair (we’re looking at Kaley Cuoco, Nicole Richie, Kendall Jenner, Lauren Conrad, and more). For this reason, we actually didn’t believe that Lena’s platinum bowl cut was real – to the point we we’re almost convinced that it was just a wig. However, the actress’ photo from a friend’s wedding and short video doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge were confirmations that the platinum ‘do was for real.

What do you think of Lena’s bold look?

Celebrity Faux Bobs

If you have long hair and are contemplating to get a bob but don’t want to fully commit to it yet, go ahead and try this new hairstyle favorite: the faux bob.

Wearing your hair in a faux bob will give you an idea if the bob cut will suit your face shape and personal style. Check out these Hollywood A-listers who recently embraced the faux bob trend on the red carpet.


bob-amy-adams bob-diane-kruger bob-emma-stone bob-kim-kardashian bob-rache-bilson bob-selena-gomez