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Why Frequent Trims Won’t Make Your Hair Grow Faster

We’re very sorry to burst your bubble but trimming or cutting your hair often will not make it grow at a faster rate. The hair follicles in your scalp determine how soon or quick your hair grows. In a nutshell, hair grows about a quarter to half an inch per month, whether you trim it or not. On a positive note, you can actually benefit from regular trimming because it will allow you to get rid of dry, straggly end which will significantly reduce hair breakage.


Dealing With Oily And Greasy Hair: Put Down That Hair Brush

Limit brushing your hair to once in the morning and once in the evening. Brushing your hair too much will just encourage the sebaceous glands of your scalp to produce more excess oils. In addition, brushing will also spread these excess oils from the scalp down to the hair shaft and hair tips making your locks greasier than ever before.


The Importance Of Hair Coloring

Colouring the hair can really subtract years from your age if done properly. Ask your stylist regarding the best hair color that will compliment with your skin tone. It’s best to stay away from deep, monotone hair color because it can go very stark against your complexion (especially if you’re very fair) and make you look 5 years older than you really are. If you’re going for a very dark base like Kate Beckinsale here, opt for tone-on-tone highlights to finish the look so that your hair will look healthy and natural.


The Beauty of Bob Cut

The bob is one of the most popular ways of giving the hair a rest and fresh start from years of treatment and styling. It’s also one of those styles that is in no danger of going out of style anytime soon. What most of us are missing is that the geometric appearance of this classic hairstyle brings flattering balance to mature faces. Eva Longoria’s bob improves her bone structure thereby giving her that sophisticated and youthful appearance. Adding spiky layers at the hair tips and cutting it shorter at the back and longer in front make the bob hairstyle edgy and modern.



Eat Your Way To Beautiful Hair

The advertising media has always been introducing us to all the latest innovations of the hair industry one can possibly imagine – from shampoos to conditioners that make all kinds of promises to give us luxurious, voluminous and incredibly shiny hair. To some extent, the right shampoos and conditioners are key components of achieving the hair of your dreams but experts say that your dietary regimen plays the most vital role in making your hair truly healthy. Simply put, if you’re not eating healthy, your hair will not be healthy either. There are many edibles that have been proven to encourage healthy hair growth. We recommend eating protein rich foods like dark chocolate, fish, beef, beans and spinach.


How To Deal With Oily and Greasy Hair

A bad hair day can easily be fixed by accessorizing it cute hats or wearing it in tight ponytails but a greasy hair can prove to be much of a challenge. A greasy hair can leave a negative impression by making you look like you don’t practice a healthy hair care routine. It will spoil your overall look and make you look very unkempt.

When hair shows an oily, flat, stringy and clumped appearance, it means you have greasy hair. Most people with this type of hair respond with washing their hair on a daily basis to wash away all the gunk and grime from their locks and be done with it for the day. The best way to address this hair issue is to determine the root of the problem and assess what steps to take in order to resolve the issue not just for the time being but for good.

Speak with one of our hair care experts to know how you can win the war against greasy and oily hair!



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Anti-Aging Hairstyle Idea: It’s All About The Layers

Don’t be afraid of the layers – feathery, wispy layers are superbly flattering to mature women. Soft layers can instantly make the hair look fuller and thicker. Layered style can give the hair effortless movement which easily translates to ample, luscious and youthful crowning glory.



Heidi Klum’s shoulder length layered blonde hair will draw your attention to her sparkling pearly whites and eyes causing a subtle lift and perkiness to the face while making fine lines to less noticeable. Most women can pull off this layered look, but be careful with this style if you have thinning hair. Short layers can emphasize hair thinness and can make the hair look limp and stringy. Opt for long layers which will make the hair look bouncy and voluminous from roots to tips.

Anti-Aging Hairstyle Idea: Work the Fringe

Who says fringe are just for women under 30? Some mature women think that wearing a fringe will make them look like they’re trying too hard to look younger. The truth is, a fringe can really turn the hands of time if you’re wearing the right style.



Sandra Bullock’s brow skimming, semi-wispy fringe paired with sleek, straight tresses perfectly frames her face creating a very feminine and girly look. What makes this style of fringe appear very youthful? A fringe just along the brows automatically de-age mature women because of how it softens facial features and conceals wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and forehead. Avoid full and heavy fringes that rest above the brows for it can appear way too sharp and one-dimensional.