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Hair Trend Alert: Low Ponytail with Deep Side Partings

Side partings have gone deeper this season to achieve the understated sultry look of Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. You can sport this look by parting your hair to coincide with your eyebrow’s natural arch. Leave some loose strands on your forehead and collect your hair below the nape for a low ponytail.


Hair Trend Alert: Golden Girl

Gold has a special way of exhibiting class, grandeur and elegance. Take it from Elie Saab who recently introduced golden headbands. These hair accessories provided a multi-dimensional contrast against the light, showy and pillowy soft textures of Saab’s Haute Couture collection as seen in Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show.


Hair Trend Alert: Hippie-Inspired Floral Headbands

There’s no better way to celebrate the spring and summer season with blooming floral hair accessories such as the hippie-inspired floral headbands as seen in the recent Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show. These bohemian-like headbands are feminine, elegant and ultra chic when worn with tight curly locks and messy wavy strands. We’re loving the romantic vibe and spring mood that this trend delivers.


Fish Oil for Dry Hair

Did you know that you can use fish oil pills to treat severely dry hair? Fish oil has Omega 3 fatty acids that effectively lubricate and moisturize dry, brittle strands. Taking fish oil supplements will not instantly fix your hair problem but give it a month and you’ll notice that your hair is easier to manage and visibly healthier. In addition, it will also relieve the symptoms of brittle nails and dry skin by eliminating rough and itchy patches.


Hair Tip: How to Pre-Condition Your Hair

Using a good quality hair conditioner is essential in maintaining the overall health of your hair because it makes the hair smoother and shinier. Aside from regularly conditioning the hair after washing it, there’s an extra step we incorporate in our hair care routine to make our hair healthier (and stronger) than they already are. We like to call it “pre-conditioning.”



Our hair absorbs nutrients from essential hair oils better when they are dry so we love to pre-condition our hair by applying argan oil starting at the roots and down to the ends, 5 minutes before stepping into the shower. By the time you wash and condition your hair as normal, your hair have already absorb all the benefits that argan oil has to offer. You can also use coconut oil as an alternative but make sure you don’t leave it on your hair too long or your hair will become greasy.


Hair Trend Alert: Old World Plaits & Braids

This season, braids were pretty much approached with simplicity and minimalism. We’re talking about fuzzy textures that are rreminiscentof the romantic era of Italian Renaissance. This hairstyle can be either glossy or matte but should always be perfectly messy – allow Rachel Zoe to show you the best example.


What Makes Hair Oily and Greasy?

The scalp produces oil or sebum to keep the hair smooth and supple. The oil produced on the scalp comes out of the hair follicles where each strand is born and travels down to coat the hair shaft. Think of it as the body’s innate and natural conditioner that provides the hair with more elasticity and lustrous manifestation. Like what they always say, too much of a good thing is bad so when the scalp produces excessive amounts of sebum due to wrong choice of hair products, stress, poor diet or hormonal changes, the hair gets overtly saturated with oil. This occurrence leaves the hair with a very greasy finish which doesn’t look remotely flattering at all. We haven’t even mentioned that this type of hair issue can also make the scalp itchy and the hair quite smelly.



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Why You Should Never Use DIY Home Colours: Uneven Finish

You will have missed spots with at home hair colourants even if there are mirrors around to help you out in the process. It’s possible to have colour overlaps during application which will result to banding or creating dark spots. The chances of the uneven finish happening are very high if your hair density is too much for the box dye to cover. You always have to purchase at least two kits to somehow avoid splotchy hues on your hair.



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