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Hair Growth 101: Scalp Massage

You can help your hair grow at a faster rate by indulging yourself with a relaxing scalp massage. You can easily do this at home by running your fingertips along the scalp while you are shampooing your hair in the shower or applying conditioner.

The act of massaging the scalp will improve blood flow on your scalp which will aid in bringing nutrients to your hair follicles. It goes without saying that once your hair get all the good stuff they necessitate, they will be able to produce a substantial amount of nourishing natural oils to improve the health of the hair bulbs where hair grows.

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Nutritive Irisome

A source of long lasting nutrition… Nutritive Irisome!

Dealing With Oily And Greasy Hair: Hands Off Your Mane

Ask yourself how often you touch your hair and the odds are, you won’t be able to give us an exact number since you’re doing it way too much that there’s no point in keeping count anymore. Our hands, just like our scalps, also have natural oil so if you run your fingers through your locks, the oil will naturally transfer to your crowning glory. You’ve got a bigger problem if you’re a hand crème junkie because its emollients will have a one way ticket to your hair and make it greasier. We suggest that you wash your hands first with soap and water to get rid of any oily product build up from the pads or your fingers and your palms if it seems kind of impossible to break the habit of touching your hair at the moment.

How To Select The Right Bridal Hairstylist

Looking for the right bridal hairstylist will take some time and research. There are a couple of things you should be looking for in a bridal hairstylist so that you’ll end up wearing the most beautiful wedding day hairstyle that will have everyone talking.

Make an appointment with a potential bridal hairstylist and assess if she is carefully listening to all your ideas and thoughts. It is important that your bridal hairstylist knows all the wedding details from the gown, shoes, makeup, jewelry and wedding theme in order for her to come up with the best and appropriate hairstyle on your big day.

The potential bridal hairstylist should also encourage you to bring photos from magazines or the internet showing which hairstyles are piquing your interest. While the ideal wedding hairstylist should take charge when it comes to deciding how you should wear your hair, she should still be receptive to what the bride envisions. The wedding hairstylist’s expertise should allow her to take the bride’s ideas and incorporate them with her own to create the most memorable wedding hairstyle the bride could ever imagine.

Be Colour Safe: How to Test for Hair Color Allergies

Do you have sensitve skin? Do you suffer from Allergies? Let us know so we can perform a skin patch test two days before your color service

It is imperative to perform a skin patch test to determine if you will have a skin reaction to bleach, henna, permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color

How is the test conducted?

  1. We ask you to remove your earrings before conducting a skin patch test.
  2. We squeeze out a tiny amount of hair colourant product on a cotton bud and dot it on the skin behind the ear. We then blend the product until it spreads out and cover an area that is 1 to 2 cm in diameter.
  3. Let the product dry on the skin and then apply another layer of hair colourant on the same area.
  4. Leave this preparation on the skin unwashed and untouched for 48 hours. Examine the skin for any negative reactions like rashes, itching, swelling, discoloration and inflammation. If you notice any abnormal reactions, do not apply the product.

Hair Myth Debunked: Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day will make it shiny and healthy

Brushing the hair will help distribute the natural oils from your scalp down to your hair giving it a lustrous shine. Then again, too much of anything can be bad and one hundred strokes is in fact, an overkill. As it turns out, excessive brushing can severely tug your hair which can lead to hair breakage and hair loss. Light brushing on the other hand helps with blood circulation on your scalp which will improve the health of your hair follicles. Additionally, light brushing will also aid in eliminating any impurities from your hair strands and will leave it clearer and shinier.

Product Highlights: Moroccanoil® Hair Treatment

It’s quite difficult to ignore all the technological advances and unique breakthroughs in the hair industry nowadays.  Truth be told, there’s always a revolutionary hair styling product to try or a new hair trend to embrace and consumers who dedicate significant amount of time and effort to beautify their locks always find themselves succumbing to them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing hair aesthetics in hundreds of ways possible but don’t forget to take a breather once in a while to improve the overall health of your locks by using the Moroccanoil® Hair Treatment.

Moroccanoil® Hair Treatment is a revolutionary hair serum that provides the hair with luminous shine and essential nutrients. It is extracted from the Argan tree, a Mediterranean endemic species that can only be found in southwestern Morocco. Touted as the hair care industry’s “miracle oil,” the Moroccanoil® Hair Treatment works wonders in effectively restoring dull, dry and damaged hair back to life. Add this to your regular hair care routine and notice the difference.