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Hairstyle Recommendation: The Spiky Pixie Cut

If you have a round face like Miley Cyrus, you can definitely pull off a very short pixie cut. Many people think that this hairstyle will only make round visages look rounder. The truth is, a pixie cut can downplay the roundness of the face if it the top area is given some spiky texture and height to create an illusion of angles.


Trend Alert: Windswept Updos

The perfectly imperfect disheveled updos look feminine and fresh when worn with just the right amount of tangles and tousles around the face. They are absolutely perfect for casual daytime wear and for sultry evening looks.






Use a mousse or dry shampoo to lift the hair from the roots for that volumizing effect. Gather all your hair and pull it all back in a very loose bun. Use your fingertips to create a rough texture and finish with a hair spray to hold this style in place.

Jessica Alba Goes Blonde For ‘Barely Lethal’ Movie Role

Jessica Alba is the hottest blonde babe in town!

The brown-haired Hollywood A-Lister revealed her new solid blonde hair to her 2.5 million followers on Instagram  on November 25th. The said photo received over 100k likes as of this writing. According to Jessica, she changed her hair color in preparation for her upcoming movie, Barely Lethal.



Fans of the Dark Angel star may recall that this is not the first time Jessica stepped into the blonde border. She went blonde back in 2005 for her roles in the movies, Sin City and Fantastic Four.

How do you like Jessica Alba’s new hair? Yay or Nay? Tell us in the comments below:

The Best Fringe For Your Face Shape: Round

You have got to love round visages – they look very sweet and very youthful. Did you know that most women with round faces think that they can’t wear a fringe? According to  research, round faced clients won’t even consider getting a fringe because they think it will only make their faces look rounder, wider and heavier on the cheek area.



This notion is true to a certain degree especially when you’re getting the wrong style of fringe. Try wearing a “side swept” fringe to provide your face an elongated effect. Just check out how Emma Stone’s face look slimmer in this style.

Food For Healthy Hair: Beef

Eat your way to healthier hair by adding high-protein edibles in your diet like beef. Touted as one of the richest sources of protein, beef can actually make your hair look shinier and stronger.



Hair is made from protein known as keratin which means that a sufficient dose of this nutrient will make the hair stronger and fuller while preventing hair damage. Protein also makes the hair encourage melanin production which prevents hair from turning grey.

The Best Fringe For Your Face Shape: Heart-Shaped

Heart-shaped faces are those with wide forehead and high cheekbones with narrowing jawlines and semi-pointed chins. Just take a look at Jennifer Love Hewitt and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. This chic and ultra-feminine face shape can be emphasized better with full fringe sitting just above the brows with some side-swept edges going towards the ears to get the attention around the eye area and away from the chin.


Hair Myth Debunked: Trimming Hair Will Make It Grow Longer, Thicker and Faster

The truth is that hair grows from the base of the root called bulb and any hair that is visible from the scalp’s surface is technically dead since they don’t exhibit any biochemical activity. This means that cutting the tips of the hair have no influence or effect on its rate of growth. Whether you cut your hair or just let it be, it will grow at the same predetermined rate as before. People seem to think that trimming their hair will make it grow quicker and thicker because newly cut hair eliminates dry, broken and straggly ends which make the hair look fuller and healthier.



Hairstyle: Haute Ponytail

This simple crimp and pony combo is chic, simple yet sophisticated.



Start by brushing all your hair back in a low ponytail using an elastic band. If you wish to have an extra tight pony, tilt your head back before fastening the hair. Then, eliminate flyaways with a smoothing cream and spray with heat protectant spray. Crimp about one inch wide sections of your tail but leave one section as it is. Apply a styling cream on the said hair section and wrap it around the elastic band to conceal it – secure with a bobby pin. Break apart crimped strands using a paddle brush that has been sprayed with a hair texturizer.