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Hairdrying 101

We all know that blasting hot air onto our manes is not the healthiest thing in the world, but it’s a necessary evil for those of us whose hair just looks limp or tatty when we let it air dry. That said, there is something you’re most likely doing that is making things way worse. When your hair is wet and you are blowing hot air on it, it’s not too bad [because it's just pulling the water moisture out], but when it starts to dry and you keep blasting that very hot air on it, you start pulling intrinsic moisture out of the fiber – creating dryness

Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making.

No one actively tries to damage their hair, but turns out that some parts of our regular beauty routine are doing just that. While most of us try to avoid the stuff we know is bad, there are plenty of hair habits that seem fine, but are actually the biggest culprits of dry, damaged, dull locks.


Start treating yourself right. We know, easier said than done in today’s hectic world, but even small tweaks can make a big difference. Start with your diet — there are a few foods that are well-known for boosting hair health. Just don’t expect to see results right away:  it takes anywhere from three to six months to see a difference in your hair after you adopt these new habits.

Vigorous Drying

You want to take as much moisture out of your hair as gently as possible. “The worst thing you can do is to place your hair between two layers of a towel and rub,” he says. Instead, scrunch, blot, and squeeze the hair gently. The type of towel you use also makes a difference, so ditch that polyester rag and invest in a 100% cotton or microfiber one.


Whipping A Brush Through Your Hair

First, switch out that paddle brush and grab a wide-tooth comb for detangling. After you’ve towel-dried your hair (gently, of course), apply a detangler — sprays for fine hair, lotions for medium hair, and creams for thick or coarse hair — to make hair slippery and allow the comb to glide through.

You should brush your hair starting at the ends and work your way up, meaning you place the comb a few inches up from the bottom and and work through the tangles, then place the comb a few inches above that first area you started and repeat, moving up your head until you make it to the scalp. Be sure the comb is gliding through the hair, not dragging,  Then, once your hair is tangle-free and mostly dry, it’s ready to take a brush.

Should I wash my hair every day?

Washing hair every day typically dries out the hair — especially if you don’t use sulfate free shampoos.  If you notice your hair gets oily quickly perhaps the greasiness comes from using shampoos that contain silicones that stick to hair and build up causing greasiness.

Mix up your shampoo selection every now and then to work out how different ingredients affect your hairs natural oils.


MYTH: “If I pull a gray hair out, three more will grow in its place.”

When you actually think about it, it is almost unbelievable that this wives’ tale is still doing the rounds. For once and for all, it is just not true. This isn’t true – only one hair can grow out of each hair bulb, but once you start graying it may just seem that way. Philip Kingsley, the U.K’s leading trichologist, also agrees. “When your hair begins to go gray and you pull one out, the chances are that the hair next to it is ready to grow out white, so you may think that pulling one out will make two grow,” he says. “Also, the placement of where your hair goes gray can vary and there are no specific reasons as to why. However, it is usually genetic.

Embrace Messy

We love this loose knot, as seen on the catwalks at Michael Kors.

Simply divide your hair into two sections, loosely tie and twist the ends, adding a few pins to hold roughly in place. Let the ends escape for the perfect off-duty look.

Fringe Trends

Block fringes are back! Wear yours in this bright orange hue, and make a statement by pulling the rest of your locks into a tidy bun.

Carey goes Brunette

The formerly-blonde beauty has stepped out with this lovely warm brunette hue in New York. We love it, do you?

Celebs do Topknots