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Men’s Thick, Wavy Or Unruly Hair

Stress-free up-do

Getting ready for a fancy party or a more formal celebration? This up-do strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and style, without pulling focus from your glamorous outfit.

  1. Blow-dry your hair as usual. Use a nourishing mousse for volume and to help the style last.
  2. Set your hair into a soft curl, for extra volume and hold. You can do this using rollers or curl separate sections of hair with your straightener or curling iron.
  3. Next, flip your head upside down. Do a loose plait on the lengths and secure the end, Hughes says. Pop your head back up and gently pull the plait apart.
  4. Finally, loosely wrap your hair into a twist and secure with pins on the top of your head. Voila! A messy yet polished up-do that will last right through the night.

Hydrate Hair

Nasty winds, chilly temperatures and blasting heaters… The cooler months can be a massive drain on your locks, so follow these easy tips to keep your hair hydrated and looking shiny, healthy and radiant all winter long.









Just as it affects your skin and mood, winter can also be a massive drain on your hair. Your strands have to battle the elements (like dry, cold air outside and heaters inside) on a daily basis and tend to need a little extra care during the cooler months. But don’t fret, this doesn’t mean expensive trips to the hairdressing salon and time-sapping appointments. All you need is a bit of common sense and a few replenishing products to get your hair back to its healthy best.

  • The easiest way to protect your strands from dry winter air and strong winds is by throwing on a cute winter hat before you step outside. If you’re not a hat person, even a scarf will help keep your locks out of harm’s way.
  • Extra hot water can dry out your hair, so try to take warm or cool showers when washing your locks. (We know, we know, sometimes this can prove impossible on a freezing winter’s morning!)
  • The temptation to over-use styling tools like hairdryers, curling wands and straighteners can prove too much in the winter months. If you’re addicted to using your straightener every single day, at least invest in a quality heat protection product to use on your strands before you put them under stress.
  • Follow your shampoo routine with conditioner — these products are specifically designed to smooth down the cuticle layer of your hair and lock in moisture. If you’re battling dry hair in the winter months, conditioner is essential.
  • A deep-conditioning treatment will penetrate deeper and offer more intense hydration for your locks. Use once or twice a week to work wonders on damaged hair.
  • Look for hair styling products that use words like “moisturising” or “replenishing” on the label — but always read the ingredients and description carefully and keep an eye out for marketing gimmicks.
  • Don’t brush your hair too much as this can sometimes also dry your strands out, especially if they’re dehydrated and damaged already. A wide-toothed comb is perfect for getting rid of knots and tangles.
  • Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends and to keep your strands looking fresh. This may also help prevent breakages from moving up the shaft and damaging your hair further.
  • Try to avoid overdoing it with heaters during winter and make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet full of fruit and veggies.

Hairstyles for winter weather

With winter weather it can be hard to keep your hair from looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. Here are some great ways you can winterproof your hair and essential products to ensure you maintain the “just stepped out of a salon” look.










Long hair can be hard to maintain when it’s blowing a gale and there’s only one thing for it, girls: Put your hair up. There are several benefits from having a ponytail-based up ‘do. Firstly, it will save you from looking like you don’t care enough to brush your hair. Secondly, it prevents wind damage which dries out your ends.

How to style an up ‘do

  1. Brush your hair off your face and pull it back into a simple ponytail.
  2. Twist it up and pin the ends in place or you can twist it into a bun and pin it.
  3. If you have any wispy bits which won’t stay off your face, you can pin them or use a strong holding putty, a heavy duty hairspray or a headband.


5 Quick Tips For Preventing Miscommunications With Your Hairstylist

Think of  your stylist as you would a police sketch artist during the consultation process. The more details of what you want the better. If you have a photo, bring it. That’s ideal.  At our core hairdressers are people pleasers and we want everyone we work on to be satisfied and happy with the work we have done.

1. Plan ahead. Have an idea ready before you leave to get your appointment

2. Be realistic and open minded to possible compromises on the style you have in mind. If you are hoping to leave with Amanda Seyfried hair but you have hair like Cameron Diaz, you will need to to be willing to work on a different interpretation of your desired outcome.

3. Be specific. If you are saying cut an inch off the ends, have the stylist show you what that means. Example, ” I just want, like an inch off the bottom. Can you show me what that looks like?”

4. Don’t worry about hurting feelings. If you want more layers or your fringe just a bit shorter, say so. We are big kids, and its our job to give you what you want to the best of our human ability. So don’t be shy!

5.  Enjoy it! Getting your haircut is fun. Stylists have so many stories and opinions on a crazy amount of subjects, talk to us. Ask them what was the most dramatic thing they’ve heard a client say, what was the last movie they saw, or what a hair splinter is. I highly recommend the last question for an interesting conversation starter.

“Hair Story” by Leo Krumbacher for Fashion Gone Rogue

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