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Raspberry Blonde

It’s bright, it’s shiny, and it’s definitely eye-catching. What more could you want?

Over the years a whole slew of Hollywood’s leading ladies have dabbled with the shade (I’m looking at you Blake Lively and Jaime King!), while others have stuck by the radiant hair hue for quite some time now (pat on the back Amy Adams and Isla Fisher). And with so many celebs embracing the colour, you can be sure any stigma that came with sporting any shade of red hair will definitely be a thing of the past.  So if you’re looking for a bit of a change with your hair colour, why not give it a whirl?

How-to: sleek and modern ponytail

Winter Hair Tips

They say prevention is the best cure, so it pays to ensure your hair is in the best condition possible before the harsh winter chill hits. That means, caring for your hair properly with a supremely nourishing treatment that will improve the overall condition of your hair. Facing the harsh winter elements with hair that is already damaged and brittle will only result in an un-treatable kind of damage (with super split ends and all) that might mean going the chop is your only option. Get your hair in the best possible condition with a product like NECTAR THERMIQUE. We love this hair-nourishing dreamboat, as it is suitable for extremely damaged hair, and has the ability to help renew and repair dry, damaged and brittle hair.
We also love Kerastase masquintense for the best, most-nourishing results cover your hair in a plastic wrap or shower cap while the product is in your hair.


Lengthy, thorough blow drys are often a well-deserved treat during the chilly winter months, especially when it’s far too cold to let your hair air-dry, as you might in summer. The only problem is, blow-drying really isn’t all that good for your strands. We know you’re not going to want to go around with damp locks during winter, so why not try using a product that can help your hair to dry faster? We love Ciment Anti-Usure by Kerastase for its ability to reduce blow-drying time while protecting your hair from the heat of your hair dryer. Better yet, it’s improved with precious silk and nourishing wheat proteins to leave your strands soft and frizz-free.

Voluminous Curls

For a “more is more” look, try allover volume with tight, springy curls. Start by almost completely drying freshly washed hair with a diffuser to reduce frizz and preserve the natural curl pattern.  Apply a curl styling mousse for added hold. Then, working in half-inch sections, wrap hair around rubber curling rods. Hold them vertically to create a corkscrew effect. Twist the rods to the root and fold down the sides to hold them in place. Dry hair fully with a diffuser, remove the rods, and finger comb your curls to enhance volume. Lightly mist with a finishing spray for shine and hold.

Winter Colour Forecast

This is the color anyone could wear. This chestnut brown shade warms up Victoria Beckham’s complexion and enhances her brown eyes. Ask for a dark brown base and caramel and light auburn highlights to frame the face, mid-length, and ends. Warm highlights are the key to this look. The red golds add dimension, making your hair look richer and more chocolaty.


Tight ponytails, braids, topknots, and towel turbans—anything that puts stress on your roots—are a bad idea. They lead to breakage, which can make you look like you have a receding hairline. Instead, think about adding texture to hair. A little volume makes your hair look healthier. But there’s height, and then there’s height. Too much near the face is aging. Avoid products that make your hair stiff, like gels or high-alcohol mousses, and go easy on the strong-hold hair spray.


Dullness, dryness, flyaways, and frizz are all compounded by blow-dryers, flatirons, and curling irons. You could stop heat-styling altogether and start wearing sweatpants every day. Or you could upgrade to less-damaging models: ionic blow-dryers with 2,000-plus watts, ceramic irons, a good quality ghd dryer. While you’re at it, use a heat-protective spray before styling: It coats hair with a layer of silicone—and that’s the only thing protecting your hair.