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Meet the team @ Burwood

SEREF COBAN – Salon Director Salon Director and head of the Stylist team here at Alan Coban Burwood, over the years Seref has established himself as one of Sydney’s most professional stylists. Seref’s strengths draw on a sensitivity that brings out the beauty in women through their hair. Sensual voluptuous long layers with a sweeping finish to flattering short blow-dry styles for women of all ages. Seref’s blow-waves with brushes are second to none in their drama and lasting effect. Upstyles by Seref are sure to create the perfect effect for any formal occasion.

VOLKAN COBAN – Head Stylist Colour, cut, curls, sleek beauty, transformation; Volkan has developed his own special approach to style and elegance. His professionally crafted blow-waves and transformative cuts leave clients feeling fabulous and coming back for more. Volkan’s versatility and creativity shine through. Volkan’s expertise in hair care, meticulous technical skills and unparalleled client service make him the most integral hair stylist for all your hair care needs.

Her sophisticated styling and efficient approaches to creating tailored outcomes pushes Sarah forward as one of the Salon’s most popular stylists. Always striving to stay ahead of current trends in hair colour, Sarah is a recognised colour technician for L’Oreal. Her talent is creating natural looking colour and highlights. This inspired stylist is also a salon manager here at Alan Coban, with a diploma in salon management. She continues to improve her skills through training with elite educators.

James gained his elite training experience in Europe, where he also established a Salon. He brings to the Alan Coban team his edgy and refined sense of style and responsiveness to each client’s style requirements. He has the skills and confidence to handle the most complex hairstyling challenges and provide every client with a relaxing, fun experience in the chair.


A collection of images that epitomize the very essence of our craft. These shots capture the incredible skills harnessed by hairdressers world wide.

Beautiful Messy Hair

It’s time to embrace messy hair and work with the texture in its natural form. Here are a few of our favourite messy looks.

Forecasting trends

Following 2013′s fashion trends, it’s no big surprise that the most popular hair trends are the ones that are the most effortless: busy lifestyles and a desire for versatility puts complex hairstyles on the backburner, while classics with a twist prove the most popular weapons in our 2013 hairstyle arsenal.

That said, there’s no reason your 2013 haircut or 2013 hair colour can’t be bold or make a statement. The question, then, is what kind of statement you want to make.

The low pony – 2013′s fav runway look

The Rochas spring / summer 2013 collection boasts of a luxurious resort vibe with embroidered pieces in neutral and white. This collection instantly transports us to a summer cocktail party by the beach or on a yacht.

On the runway, the relaxed and glamorous look of the collection was complemented by a 2013 hairstyle that everyone with mid to long hair should try for the summer: the ultra low ponytail. One of the hottest hair trends for the coming year, the low ponytail is a an easy to do hairstyle that can be worn on almost any occasion. This particular look for the Rochas show has a vintage vibe to it, bringing in some Hollywood glamour to your summer vacation – and we’ve got the how-to guide right after the break.

Festival Hair

Whether it’s Good Vibes, #BDO or Future Music, heres a collection of festival looks to get you rockin’

Seventies inspired ‘dos.

Casual Hairstyles to Try Right Now

Celebrities may be best known for their glamorous red-carpet beauty looks, but they know how to embrace casual styles, too. Whether you’re chilling with friends at dinner or hitting the mall to make a few returns, there’s something here to inspire. Looking so effortlessly beautiful just got a whole lot easier.