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When the heat is on…

With temperatures soaring in Sydney, it’s time to get your hair up and off your face!

Can Supplements Really Give You Lush Locks?

Ever tried giving your hair a beer rinse? Then this is for you. The reason that beer is considered to add strength and shine to hair is because it is rich in biotin, a B complex vitamin. Taking biotin is thought to stimulate hair growth and biotin deficiency is said to be one cause of thinning hair. Some food sources contain biotin, such as eggs, bananas, and red meat, but the most effective way to add significant amounts of biotin to your diet is through supplements. According to naturopathic doctor Cathy Wong, ND, CNS, there is not enough scientific evidence to support the idea that biotin has an effect on hair growth or health, however some beauty lovers claim that it works wonders. Therefore, if you recently chopped your hair and are impatiently waiting for it to grow, it’s possible that biotin could help aid in faster (and stronger) hair growth.

Vitamin E
This multi-tasking vitamin is commonly suggested as an aid for hair health. Because vitamin E helps with capillary growth (boosting circulation), it is possible that having adequate amounts of the vitamin can increase circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth. Vitamin E can also be applied topically to hair and the scalp to nourish and moisturize — which is why it’s a main ingredient in many of your favorite hair-care products. Besides its potential benefits for hair, the antioxidant qualities of vitamin E have been said to prevent everything from certain cancers to heart disease, so this may be a beneficial addition to your diet for your overall health, not just your hair.

Pre-Natal Vitamins
Another supplement popular among beauty junkies is pre-natal vitamins. These contain the same vitamins and minerals as most women’s multivitamins, but they contain higher levels of iron and folic acid than your typical supplement. Iron is thought to have a role in hair growth because it aids in the production of substances that carry oxygen to blood cells. If iron intake is low, circulation can be compromised, which can potentially affect hair growth. According to, however, the reason we associate pregnant women with shiny, lush hair is not due to their vitamin intake, but instead due to their increased estrogen levels (which promote healthy bloodflow in a similar way to iron). But whether or not it truly aids in increased hair growth, iron is an essential element of a healthy diet, especially for young women.

While not a vitamin per se, Nourage is a supplement that claims to support hair health with keratin, a protein that contains amino acids that are some of the key building blocks of the hair follicle. Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills swears by it, but again, this product seems to be more of a word-of-mouth beauty secret rather than a guaranteed fix for dull hair. The website includes two user testimonials, but no scientific evidence supporting the products’ claims. However, the site does stress that there are no harmful side effects of the supplement, so if your hair seems to be weak or brittle, this strengthening formula could make a difference in the resiliency of your locks.

Which brings us to the Vitamin of Supermodel Lore: Viviscal, a supplement boasting high amounts of both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C. While the Viviscal site quotes a whole slew of experts who claim that the supplement promotes healthy hair growth, we’d say that the bottom line on this trendy supplement is similar to that of other vitamins: There may not be enough scientific evidence to brand any of these pills as directly affecting hair growth and health, but you can’t know for sure if it works for you unless you try it. Maybe the secret to unlocking a shiny, flowing mane is hidden inside these bottles. Until someone decides to do an in-depth study on the subject, there’s really only way to find out, so…who’s game?

Braid of the Day: Taylor Swift’s Gorgeous Updo

Loving Taylor Swifts latest hair look!

The retro darling was snapped on her way to the BBC Radio studios with her long blonde locks looking like a work of art. Swift has rocked plenty a ladylike up-do in the past, but we especially love how she translated this beautiful side-winding braid for daytime by swapping out the frills for pared-down flats and a pair of  trousers.

Caring for your hair this summer.

Come summer and everyone seems to be unanimously complaining about the toll its heat and moisture together take on one’s skin and hair. The sun’s notoriety is famous because its rays tan the complexion and cause severely sun damaged hair. Proper hair care tips become necessary for knowing how to ward off sun damaged hair and ensure that one is blessed with healthy and glorious mane.

Dirt, dandruff, humidity, blow drying, salt or chlorinated water, unbalanced diet, vigorous brushing and irregular hair care treatments all result in what appears to be sun damaged hair. So before browsing through the hair care tips one ought to ensure that one’s hair is free from all the above mentioned tortures.

The Give Away:

Sun damaged hair appears to lack luster and brittle. Whether curly or straight sun damaged hair is easily recognized. Look for split ends, hair fall and hair breakage. Dry, frizzy, matted, unruly and fly away hair is exactly what requires special attention and people who notice these signs on their hair should take hair care tips seriously.

Stun the Sun:

The ones wishing to fight sun damaged hair should at once do the obvious – protect their hair from the direct exposure to the harsh rays of the sun. The frequent usage of scarves, hats, caps or umbrellas is highly recommended and tops the list of hair care tips for sun damaged hair. However remember to allow one’s scalp to breath because accumulation of sweat and moisture may cause other problems. A proper blood circulation is also needed so do not tie the scarf around too tightly.

Sunscreens and Conditioners:

There are special conditioners available in the market for sun damaged hair. We love the Soleil range from Kerastase.

There are a few leave in products that come with a good dosage of sunscreen.  Always follow shampooing with conditioning. There are heat activated conditioners that can be applied on the hair and later covered with a hot towel on sealed with a shower cap and blow dried on top to make sure that the heat penetrates the cuticle of the hair and pushes the conditioner inside it.


Although shampooing is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy scalp it can cause further damages to sun damaged hair. So shampooing wisely.  Use a mild kind of shampoo that is gentle on the hair, preferably professionally prescribed product.

Steer Clear from Hair Tortures:

In order to look youthful and stylish people allow their hair to undergo various kinds of ill treatments. Sun damaged hair must be kept free from such tortures frequent straightening, curling, rebonding, coloring, streaking and perming at all times. If it becomes absolutely mandatory to go through one of these processes then the sun damaged hair has to at first be nourished with a deep conditioning treatment.

Cold Showers:

Avoiding hot water is wise for those who are suffering from sun damaged hair. In this case the hair care tip would be to always wash hair in cold or room temperature water. Cool water seals the hair cuticle locking in more nutrients and creating better shine.

Drink it Up:

Summers should always be embraced with a chilled glass of water. Drink plenty of water each day as it washes away all the toxins from the body and keeps the system well hydrated. Sun damaged hair has hopes of regaining its shine if the body is supplied with a good dose of water regularly. Drinking water also ensures that one stays healthy throughout the season.

Alan Coban ‘how-to’.

This look is a curl/braid combo – braided in a quasi-milkmaid-braid on one side and styled in uber-yum curls on the other.

  • Shampoo, condition and dry your hair.
  • Apply hair product that is designed to impart texture.
  • Next, make a side parting.
  • Use a curler to style your tresses in large, loose curls.
  • Pull the section of hair in the larger parting over the corresponding shoulder. You’re halfway done.
  • Now it’s time for that nifty braid. Pull back the hair on the smaller section of the side parting. Use your fingers to sweep it backwards.
  • Make three sections and start braiding your hair, ensuring that you keep it as close to the scalp as possible and moving it in a backwards and downwards motion.
  • Braid all the way to the back of the neck and right into the abundant waves that are resting on your shoulder. But ensure that you are using only that small section of hair on the side parting in your plait.
  • Once you come to the end of the braid, tie it up with a small, indiscernible band. The end of the braid will settle in under your wavy, side-swept tresses.
  • Use your fingers to pull out a few tresses to hang down the side of your face for a soft, feminine look.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

Massage, when given to any body part, improves the blood circulation. One specific massage type, scalp massage, provides numerous benefits through improved blood circulation. Moreover, it helps your mind and body attain complete relaxation besides improving the texture of your hair. Usually, scalp massages are proffered at day spas and some hair salons. However, it is important to get scalp massage done by a professional to get the right thing according to the texture of your hair. Different massage techniques are adopted for different hair types, like dry hair, thick hair, oily hair, thin hair, and similar other hair types.

Also, it is important to use natural or essential oils for scalp massage. Actually, while massaging, the oils penetrate through the roots thus strengthening your hair and improving the hair quality. Scalp massage also features various other benefits, the most important one being relief from back and neck pain by relaxing the muscles of these parts. Additionally, it is also considered to be the best stress reliever.

Massage is one of the therapies featuring a vast field proffering numerous benefits. Taking regular massage sessions on a daily or weekly basis can show positive effects on your hair. Hair loss is one of the major issues affecting almost 80% of population in any country. However, with unending pseudo-scientific hair loss treatments and continuously rising costs for these treatments, many people are turning their face towards natural remedies like herbs, essential oils, holistic therapies, acupuncture, and massage.

Scalp massage using concentrated scalp formulas works wonders on the texture and growth of your hair. Besides, it also helps with different scalp problems like scalp psoriasis, dandruff, dead skin flakes, and similar hair conditions. Adding further, scalp massage also slows down the hair graying process. This is because of the different minerals and proteins contained in oil. These minerals and proteins also work on making the mind active thus increasing alertness and concentration.

Another benefit of scalp massage includes reduction in the hair loss percentage to a large extent. The oil penetrates the hair roots thus making them stronger. It has also been observed that applying hair oil regularly avoids the occurrence of hair lice largely. Besides, the condition and texture of hair also improves by scalp massage. The appearance of scabs also reduces with a scalp massage. Above all, regular scalp massage makes your hair healthier and more easily manageable.

Other benefits of scalp massage

Some other benefits of scalp massage have also been illustrated below:

Deep relaxation

A massage on your scalp is considered as one of the most efficient ways of relaxation. Scalp massage helps in avoiding anxiety, mood swings as well as depression, specifically if used in combination with other options for treatment. Those suffering from uneven sleep or insomnia, getting a scalp massage just before going to bed relaxes the mind thus improving the sleep habits.

Relief from headache

Scalp massage works wonders in relieving headaches. Besides, it also helps avoid headaches arising from stress and tension. Adding further, scalp massage also relieves unceasing eye pain or strain as well as tension in your face. This situation can be helped by pressing points located on the sides of your head, right above your ears. This massage therapy is used as an integral part of stress management program aimed at relieving tension headaches.

Improved blood circulation in scalp

A scalp massage provides the benefits of improved blood circulation to your head as well as face. Better circulation of blood at the roots of your hair helps promote healthy hair growth. By including oil in your scalp massage treatment, you can also do away with hair problems like dandruff. Moreover, the occurrence of fresh dandruff can also be avoided through scalp massage.

The feel good factor

Scalp massage makes you feel great besides making you feel more content and relaxed. By including your face in scalp massage, the appearance of wrinkles can be mitigated to a great extent, as when relaxed, face is pinched less.

Better sleep

Insomnia patients can find good help through scalp massage. As per research studies, there are many people who have found improvement in falling and staying asleep after having regular scalp massage before bed time. In the same way, scalp massage is also beneficial for those suffering from fatigue by making them feel more energized.

Scalp massage is, therefore, a good way to relax and enjoy various health benefits. You can treat yourself with a scalp massage on your own or get it done by a family member or a friend. Alternatively, you can also get it done by a professional in spas or any hair salon or even by massage therapists involved in private practice.


Wrapping up, scalp massage benefits you by relieving tension and stress from your head, shoulders, and neck.

Learn how to achieve Kim K’s wet look ‘do.

Socialite Kim Kardashian looked so hot when she was launching her perfume at Lord & Taylors that we’re pretty sure that people must have had a hard time concentrating on the scent. Every aspect of an ensemble contributes towards the final success of a look, and right now we’re enamored by how Kim’s slicked back wet look ties it all up so beautifully. Want to try out this sexy hairstyle? Here’s an oh-my-god-that-is-so-simple DIY to show you how.

  • After hair has been washed and conditioned, dry till it is still slightly damp. If you’re trying this look after your hair is already dry, then moisten it till it is damp to the touch.
  • Now take a fine-toothed comb and run it close to the scalp from front to back in smooth motions.
  • Next, apply a hair gel that imparts wet look to hair. Mix in a bowl with five drops of gloss and mix together. (The gloss drops will stop the gel from drying crunchy. Apply  the mix to the crown and sides, leaving the hair at the back alone.
  • Now comb hair again from front to back as before.
  • If you want to keep this look in place for a long time, apply hairspray.