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How to create smooth waves

Prepare your hair with a texturising product like a mousse or sea salt spray to give the hair grip/hold.

Start tonging your hair at the front with all sections facing forward.Repeat on the other side.

With a flat bristle brush, start brushing the curls out once they have cooled.

Pin back off the face on the side with the lower side parting

To create extra volume, back brush the ends slightly.

Finish with a light hold hairspray and gloss on the ends

Coral Craze: as seen on

Coral Craze

Lift out of those – why is it still winter  blues – by wearing a pop of colour this week.

From the runways to the department stores and onto the backs of some of our favourite celebrities, bright coral is without a doubt one of the biggest trends this year.

This stray from the usual black and white is sure to put a smile on your dial no matter the occasion as it recalls of sprawling sun filled days, tropical fruits, the smell of citrus and sparkling days at the beach.

If there is one piece you need in your wardrobe, it is something coral. Whether it is a blouse, dress, blazer or handbag, coral gives a pop of colour to any outfit. Go fresh, youthful and on trend with this seasons Wicked blouse by Camilla and Marc. You will be sure to make an unforgettable statement.

Lavender Hair

Loving the Topknot!


Step 1:
Dispense mousse into palms and apply to the lengths of damp hair. Roughly dry hair with a blow-dryer.

Step 2:
Using an elastic, pull hair into a tight, high ponytail.  The trick to the high pony is to tip your head upside down and secure on top of the crown.

Step 3:
Take small sections of the ponytail and backcomb hair using a fine-toothed comb (such as ghd Tail Comb, $12). After vigorously backcombing each section, spray with hairspray.

Step 4:

Separate hair into two sections.

Step 5:
Knot two sections as you would tie shoelaces.

Step 6:

Rest the bulk of the bun at the front of the head and pin loose ends at the back. Secure tightly using bobby pins and lightly spray hair with hairspray.

Miley Cyrus has cut her hair! Twitter went crazy when Miley posted these pics of her new blonde short hairstyle.

Creme Caramel

Let’s hear it for the boys!