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Sinem’s pop quiz

What are your top tips to achieve salon-finished hair?

So I can sit here and tell you what it is that needs to be done to achieve a beautiful salon style but in saying that everyone is individual in their style and many could have a different approach to accomplishing a particular look. Are you one if those who use a particular technique that is not often mentioned by professional stylists but still achieve the desired elegance.

If so please feel free to post your ideas in the link below for our fellow posties

Look forward to reading  your comments…


Red carpet hair at home

Have you ever noticed that when you walk out of a salon you look red carpet ready and the next day you look like a check out chick?

I don’t know about you but after many years of styling my hair myself I still can’t seem to grasp that special touch of a professional. Hours of Blow drying and ironing to walk out the door with a head full of Frizz. Arrrggghhhhh!!! Countless mornings of religiously cursing my hair and literally wanting to shave it off (don’t try this at home).  Then men say they don’t understand why it takes us females so long to get ready. Ahhh maybe that’s because they don’t have to deal with the dilemma of straightening their locks or trying to hide those seriously undesired little pieces of baby hair standing like the diadem crown on the statue of liberty.

Anyone who has been through this pickle could surely understand how time consuming and frustrating it can get. Then you have those nights out with friends and to your discouragement, one of your besties seems to have Rapunzel-like, silky smooth full-bodied hair.Ok I need to find a quick fix to this solution. I ain’t changing my friend so I need to change my hair.

Alan has some great tips as to how you can get that salon look from your own bathroom and make it last. Take a sneak peek below.

Love Sinemxx